About Erin

Following my first yoga class at the age of 18, I continue to return to the mat, because yoga offers a sense of self-respect and gratitude for my mind, body, and soul, accompanied by a sense of gratitude and respect for the surrounding environment. After 25 years of playing and coaching competitive soccer, my body sustained several injuries. I was able to recover from each injury on the mat; from balancing poses that heal the ankles, to core work that heal the hips. Not only did my physical body heal with a habitual yoga practice, but my mind healed from anxiety. After completing a rigorous ashtanga series, vinyasa flow, or restorative yin class, my mind stills. This enabled me to focus on tasks and reduce anxiety through meditation and to achieve a sense of clarity. Physical movement actually releases endorphins to relieve stress, and the brain’s nervous system repairs itself through meditation. Cultivating respect for the natural environment, including our bodies, permeates in every aspect of my life. 

After participating in a Nicaraguan yoga retreat with Jill Knouse and Krystyn Strother of Yoga Pearl, and opening space in the mind, I knew yoga teaching was my next step. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Jill Knouse’s Elevate Teacher Training, where I gained insight into teaching from my authentic self.

I guide a strengthening vinyasa class focused on joint mobility and weave science with spirituality. I offer a safe space for you to practice strength in the body, clarity in the mind, and awareness of the soul.

Erin Lauer, RYT


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